Ruined nevertheless seductive, ageless yet ancient, carved from the vagaries of nature's capricious fancies stands Hampi. A UNESCO heritage site Hampi is paradox. The jilted ruins impart the melancholic landscape a lyrical cadence. The surreal setting of Hampi betray several stories, lost in the foggy ruins of time.

However; Hampi isn't lost in the dusty shelves and clutches of time. Virupaksha and Vittala temples are known for providing solace to people on a spiritual quests. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since Hampi was re-discovered by man and since then it has captivated the imagination of tourists and saints alike. A confluence of spirituality and nature's mirage Hampi is a perfect foil to the unwanted residues of a paced civilization.

SLRM, is situated 35 km from Hampi. A name to reckon in the steel domain; SLRM is strategically placed that provides it a logistical edge over its peers. Nevertheless; the spiritual bliss flowing from the vicinity (Hampi) remains unrivalled.