Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility has gained prominence in the international business community and has become a mainstream activity. It's one of the mainstays of a business organization and in the current business configuration Corporate Social Responsibility is no longer defined by how much an organization contributes to charity. Currently the Corporate Social Responsibility of a Company is gauged by its overall involvement in activities that enhances qualitatively people's lives.

There is mounting recognition of the momentous effect the activities of the private sector have on the workforce, clientele, the society, the environment, competitors,business associates, investors, shareholders, governments and others groups. It is also becoming progressively clear that organizations can contribute to their individual wealth and to overall community wealth by taking into account the effect they have on the entire globe when making decisions.

Diverse factors have induced an ever growing interest in Corporate Social Responsibility. Fore mostly, being the expectations of citizens, consumers, public authorities, globalization and industrial dynamics. Secondly, an increasing influence of social take away on the investment decisions of individuals and institutions, as investors and consumers. The third factor is the growing concern about environmental degradation.

The wanton disregard of the environment by business conglomerates is a reason enough to scare the living daylights out of environmentalists. The multi-dollar money making enterprises have a moral responsibility towards the society and it is justified that they give back to the community. As aforementioned, corporate social responsibility involves activities that give back to the community, or ensure fairness in the running of activities.


Our Organizations initiative in Corporate Social Responsibility are as follows :

  • Installation of Computers and recruitment of teachers in the schools located in the vicinity.
  • Free transport facility for students residing in the vicinity of the schools situated within the periphery.
  • Free eye checkup camps & doctors visits to near by villages.
  • Providing street lamps at villages.
  • Construction of temple for social gathering of villagers.
  • Constructed auditorium to school
  • Construction of drinking water tank
  • Providing of school bags and books to the village children.
  • Drinking water tank to village

Above initiatives speaks volume about the Company's noble initiatives.