An extraordinaire league

An extraordinaire league

SLRM has entered into a joint-venture with Fomento Resources Private Limited.
The association has been a shot in the arm for SLRM. It has triggered a stampede
of opportunities and prospects. The alliance has made SLRM immune to the crisis of raw materials. Captive mines ensure that steel production remains uninterrupted.

Mineral Exploration:

SLRM conducts field survey of unchartered territories and leased land parcels using survey instruments (total station, GPS/DGPS) and software. Core drilling is implemented for mine planning, scheduling and forecasting to convert prospects into potential mineral spinners.

Mineral Extraction:

SLRM joint Venture with Fomento for furthering a safe and scientific mining process riding on the back of state-of-the-art technology. Nevertheless, the Company has cautiously treaded and restricted the growth of colossal ecological human footprints on the environment.

Mineral Dressing:

SLRM joint Venture with Fomento employed avant-garde innovations for the benefication of low grade ores to produce high-grade Sinter Fines, Lumps and Pellet Fines to address market demands.


SLRM boasts of an effective logistical network comprising surface transport and water ways.